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Bringing tranquility back into the city

A Trashure Studio magazine design for fashion label Caes.


Bringing tranquility back into the city

A Trashure Studio magazine design for fashion label Caes.
Hi there,

We are Trashure Studio

Trashure Studio is an Amsterdam-based creative agency and co-working space known for their peaceful, tactile and layered approach to branding and design. Across their various digital and physical capabilities—from web development and online marketing, to product design and content production—Trashure Studio exists to bring tranquillity back into an increasingly loud world.

Trashure Studio believes that brands have a significant influence on society and culture and are therefore compelled to work with clients whose values echo their own. Having worked with local and international clients across interior design, architecture, hospitality, retail, and fashion, Trashure Studio builds strong yet serene brands that meaningfully contribute to and positively impact their immediate communities and the world at large.

With an inclusive and open community at its core, Trashure Studio is in constant pursuit of the genius that occurs when different disciplines come together. Never bound by trends, Trashure Studio creates timeless spaces that are always imbued with layers of thoughtful simplicity, ethereal beauty and warmth.

Branding x Interior design

Instil Collective

is a collective of several multidisciplinary design studios that all share the same vision for tranquil design and apply this to interior design, branding and graphic communication. Together they form Instil Collective which aims to research the meaning of calming design and to share this knowledge within the industry in order to have an impact on wellbeing in metropolitan areas.

Partners: Mokko Amsterdam, Studio 11:11, Studio Janne Wellens

The team

Co-founder, Managing Partner

Sander van den Hurk

Co-founder, design thinker, strategist and professional observer. Always curious to learn more about people and the world around us. Call him at any time for coffee, kitesurfing, bouldering sessions or motorcycle rides.

Co-founder, Creative Director

Sacha Verbeek

Co-founder, self-confessed geek when it comes to “history, crazy future visions, vintage curiosities, magic and animals". You’ll often find her curating and designing for inspiring brands at the workspace or exploring new creative outlets.

Content Creative

Elina Abdrakhmanova

Elina is an Amsterdam based photographer, specialising photography. Strongly influenced by my former education in fashion, her images reflect the love for details and editorial feel.

Business Strategist

Ellen van der Linde

Ellen has a deep interest for spa and sanctuary culture. Combining her love for both physical and mental wellness, she not only aims to translate healing energy into concepts for wellbeing, but also into her writing.

Front-end Dev Intern

Mauro Zomer

Mauro not only knows everything there is to know about Japanese movies and music, but he also runs our House of Kanso platform and is our front-end development intern.

Creative Developer

Anwar Bouzoubaa

Anwar loves to tell stories by creating creative and meaningful websites and applications.

Graphic Designer

Joshua Takashi Kadlec

Graphic Junky from Japan and founder of Kadlec Studio.


Madeleine Woon

Madeleine is originally from Australia and has been living in the Netherlands for 2 years. She is happiest when she's in the kitchen, the ocean, the company of good friends, or the dappled shade of a tree reading a book.

Online Marketeer

Henry Willmot

When it comes to online marketing, Henry is a multi-talented wizard. He's also secretly knowledgeable about blockchain and cryptocurrency; it's up to you to strike up a conversation with him.

Our clients

Trashure Studio believes that brands are more than just a company’s face— they are thought leaders and an integral part of subcultures, and they can move and motivate their scenes. We work with brands who understand the value of good storytelling both online and off, and more importantly, who are transparent, integrated and dedicated to take their role in society.

Say hi

"Trashure Studio has always been and will always be defined by people. The curious and creative minds that orbit our studio and co-working space — from collaborators to co-workers to clients. If you want to collaborate, work on a project, or join the studio, we'd love to hear from you, and we hope to see you soon."

Sacha & Sander