Selected work

Case studies and projects

Selected work

Case studies and projects

Selected work

Case studies and projects

Selected work

Case studies and projects

A Trashure Studio magazine design for fashion label Caes.

Magazine design


When designing the first edition of Caes magazine, we wanted to mirror the brand’s elegant simplicity and pared-back design aesthetic.

Brand design | Web design | Graphic design


Our latest collaboration with Selé and Mokko, which intertwines product design and branding to create one story.

Brand design | Web design | Graphic design


When working on the Occony branding, we wanted the logo to visually represent the perfect symmetry that exists in nature.


With their championing of sustainability, uncompromising ethics, and passion for roasting (very moreish) specialty coffee, we’re thrilled to be working with Uncommon on branding and design projects.

Brand design | Web design | Art direction


We designed branding guidelines and a visual identity for garment manufacturer Workingmenblues.

Brand design | Web design | Graphic design

We are

We came up with a concept design, and finished website, that is balanced in its consideration of both the gravity of social issues, and the beauty of humanity.

Brand design | Lookbook design | Graphic design

La Collection

We aimed to portray a timeless elegance when designing their logo, lookbook and online identity.

Hija Studio

Drawing on natural references,creates unique pieces for the home with a focus on simple lines and pure materials. The brand’s craftsmanship evokes feelings of calm and ease, something we wanted to translate into the website design, marketing strategy, and brand-building work.

Brand design | Graphic design


We had the pleasure of working with Antwerp multi-brand fashion store Damoy after founders Arthur and Florence approached us to strengthen their brand identity.

Brand design | Web design | Book design

Equity works

Nadine Ridder just launched an online module for individuals who want to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive society but aren’t sure where or how to start.

Graphic design | Webdesign

Electric Hustle

For this design we used dynamic elements such as the full-width images, the sliding text and changes in font colour to be part of the visual output.

Janne Wellens

We like to share one of our latest projects, created for art director and interior stylist, Janne Wellens. Through our collaboration we came up with a design that is balanced in its consideration of the curiosities of complexity, order, and the beauty of nature. Janne believes that removing something adds more to an idea, and structure can help make sense of noise. We took that concept and created a design that is both fluent and organic.