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Heidi Petré

About photographer Frederik Vercruysse

When an architect at heart becomes a photographer, explores the boundaries, and does it well. It was either photography or architecture. Frederik chose photography but kept his interest for architecture. This still shows in his work today and is translated to his love for straight lines, shadow and light. Have a look at a specially selected photo series from photographer Frederik Vercruysse for Trashure Mag.


Frederiks work evolved when he moved house to Antwerp. “I worked out my architectural style in still life works, into personal compositions that were an extension of my love for architecture. Yet again, these straight lines, shadow and light, soft colours that merged in their complementarity. Micro-architecture that tended towards painting.

“Micro architecture that tended towards painting, this was a compliment, as I wish I really could paint. It inspires, and frustrates me.”


People sometimes called them miniature paintings. This was a compliment, as I really wished I could paint. Painting inspires me. And frustrates me. This is why I try to get close to it in my photography. I want to reach down to the essence in my compositions and still life work. Saying as much as possible by showing as little as possible. Aesthetic abstraction. Perhaps I glorify things a bit by doing this, present them as being bit more attractive than they actually are. But I’m not aware of doing this.

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